SLRC is a vertically integrated diagnostics company, developing unique antibodies and antibody-based diagnostic products for our own portfolio as well as commercial partners. We bring leading edge design, development, and manufacturing capabilities together in one place at our Southern California facilities.


The EAP (Enhanced Affinity Platform) System is a conceptually unique immunization scheme, modeled on the rapid and powerful immune response to viral antigens. Unlike the antibody responses used in traditional approaches, antiviral responses happen in days, not weeks, and give rise to high-affinity antibodies targeting a broad range of epitopes, not just a few immunodominant ones. A major benefit of the EAP System is its ability to induce high-specificity antibodies to the smallest determinants, including single-atom differences.

The EAP System features the rapid and simple production of synthetic immunogens and screening materials – whether the target is a protein, peptide, or small molecule. The EAP immunogens and screening materials are designed to generate and identify MAbs tailored to the most specific acceptance criteria for lateral flow test kits and other immunoassays, IHC, flow cytometry, function blocking/activation, and many therapeutic applications.

More than 1300 unique EAP-derived MAbs have been produced for previously unaddressable targets, enabling novel diagnostics and detection systems in biomedical, veterinary, environmental, threat detection, and other applications.


SLRC’s immunoassay formats have been developed to take full advantage of the diagnostic potential of EAP-derived antibodies. Our lateral flow tests (LFAs) are rapid, one-step, low cost solutions to a variety of diagnostic problems, bringing laboratory accuracy to on-site and POU/POC testing. Our assays are easily multiplexed and are compatible with microfluidics, readers, and smartphone apps.

Sandwich-PLUS for proteins, microbiological targets, and other large analytes

IR-Competitive for small molecules (<2000 daltons molecular mass)

DNATECT for nucleic acid detection by LFA